About Me!

A marketing professional with 15 years’ experience leading major campaigns for the likes of Etihad Airways, Hugo Boss and Marriott Hotels. Totally fascinated by how we make decisions and what’s going on in our brain.
This is me!
This is me!

About Me!

A graduate of a number of different well-known educational institutions. I studied European History and Politics at Durham University in England, including a year at the Université de Provence in France, as well as Marketing at the European Business School in London, Finance at Harvard Business School online and Neurobiology at University of Chicago online, among others.

A former professional cricketer, and it was in this arena where I first got introduced to the power of the mind.

Curious/a questioner – and went on a knowledge quest to find out why the same level of analysis of the mind that is used in sport is not being widely used in marketing

A research geek, who has read over 100 books on neuroscience, sociology, neuromarketing, behavioural economics, marketing, psychology, self-help, high performance and more. 

A creator of content like you. I have created a business, written a book, developed an online course and even a comic. (I am also the author and creator of the comic book series McLeod the Moon Man. (It’s only semi-autobiographical, I promise…))

A small business owner passionate about helping others like me. I have gone through the same challenges as you and want to share the experience.

Totally fascinated by how we make decisions and what’s going on in our brain.

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