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The Decision Expedition

Coaching Business Owners, Marketers and Sellers To Influence Customer Decision Making

The Decision Expedition:
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Come On A Journey To Understand How Your Customers Really Make Decisions.

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Meet the Founder


Simon Hawk is a marketing professional with 15 years’ experience leading major campaigns for the likes of Etihad Airways, Hugo Boss and Marriott Hotels. Frustrated by a lack of science and framework in marketing he created “The Decision Expedition” to make marketing all about the most important part of any customer – the brain.  

The Decision Expedition takes business owners on a journey to add science to their marketing.

About The Company

Influence your customer’s decision making by incorporating learnings from neuroscience, sociology, psychology, and economics into your business and apply lessons in choice architecture, pricing psychology, non-conscious goal making, being memorable and more.  I help businesses develop their sales and marketing strategies that actually work because they are based on science.

I aim to provide 2 things:

1. Education: An understanding of how your customers REALLY make decisions

2. Solutions: A coach for you to drive business success by applying these techniques in the real world

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"The Decision Expedition grew our business ten fold"

Are you spending money on advertising but not getting the results you want? That’s because you are thinking about marketing in the wrong way. The Decision Expedition is a framework for small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers to understand how customer’s really make decisions and implement learnings from neuroscience into their marketing.

About The Book

Get the new book. "The Decision Expedition"

And Discover The Keys To Unlocking How Your Customer Thinks.


The Decision Expedition:
Seat 1A

TDE New Transparent Logo
A Journey To Understand How Your Customers Really Make Decisions.

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