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Make More Sales Using Science To Engage And Influence Your Customer's Brain

The Decision Expedition helps business owners understand their customer.


The Decision Expedition is on a mission to teach small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers the real rules of marketing, to help them neuroscience their marketing, and to supercharge their business and their lives. We aim to help over 1000 businesses by 2025.

Real marketing is about understanding how to communicate with the brain.


The Real Rules Of Marketing​

The Decision Expedition will show you how the real rules of marketing are not found in marketing textbooks but in the worlds of neuroscience, sociology, psychology and economics.

Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget

You’re not the only one who’s been frustrated with the marketing world. We’ve got a solution: The Decision Expedition. We’ll help you find what marketing tactics work and what doesn’t, so you can spend your marketing budget wisely and get better results.

Neuromarketing Techniques

You will learn the rules about the brain that every business owner needs to know that will help you with every piece of marketing you ever do, whatever platform, whatever budget.

Excel Your Business.

Are you ready to unlock your customer's mind?

Grow your potential.

More of a visual learner?

Discover Your Peak With Our Online Course.

The Decision Expedition has many offerings to guide you true north.


  1. Understand the REAL rules of marketing – many that you can implement for FREE
  2. Maximise your sales proposals through choice architecture, pricing psychology and more…
  3. Understand how to structure your marketing to best engage your customer’s brain with science
  4. Learn techniques that can influence decisions in your favour, both digitally and face to face
  5. Understand how you make decisions so you can make even better ones

A Decision To Care

The Decision Expedition is committed to supporting charities that are dedicated to the protection of Rhinos around the world. With a rhino being poached on average every 22 hours and numbers around the world declining, TDE will be making monthly contributions to various Rhino charities around the world.


The Decision Expedition:
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TDE New Transparent Logo
A Journey To Understand How Your Customers Really Make Decisions.

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