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Learn How To Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget With My 30 Day Course.

What you will Achieve.

Discover Your Peak With My Online Course.

Everything you need to know to maximise your marketing return, and engage, persuade and influence your customer to purchase from you.

Learn the tricks to influence your customer that big businesses already know and use.​

Learn how you can improve your marketing ROI with techniques that cost nothing at all.​

Learn the most important rules of how your customer's brain works that will guide every piece of marketing you do form now on.​

Use science to close the deal, get your customer to trust you, design your customer journey and more.​


Neuroscience your marketing.

Working with the award winning Nerds of Business team, we have developed a market leading online course to help teach you the REAL rules of marketing. This video based course will take you on a journey to understand all of the key lessons you need to know for not just your marketing, but for your entire business.
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Neuroscience your business today

Course Modules.

  1. Brain Function 101
  2. Creating a purchase ready customer
  3. Building the most persuasive, influential and engaging customer journey
  4. How to be mega memorable
  5. How to build trust in your customer
  6. Closing the deal

Here is how the course works:



Learn how to sell more by understanding the brain. The Decision Expedition is a video course that teaches you how to use neuromarketing to increase your sales. It's based on the latest neuroscience research, but is presented in a way that anyone can understand and apply.



The Decision Expedition is a course that teaches you how to grow your business with the help of lessons from our successful entrepreneurs. Apply your learnings from the online course and tailor your own path to success.



Engage and influence your customer’s decision making by incorporating learnings from neuroscience, sociology, psychology, and economics into your business. Apply lessons in choice architecture, pricing psychology, non-conscious goal making, being memorable and more.

Discover how Neuromarketing plays with subconscious triggers to make us buy more.

You’re about to embark on the most epic journey of decision making you’ll ever take. The Decision Expedition is a course that teaches you how to influence the decision making process of consumers. It’s a journey of discovery, creativity, and growth that will change your life forever.


The Decision Expedition:
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A Journey To Understand How Your Customers Really Make Decisions.

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